MAFS' Ines slams Sam again with more x-rated details about their relationship

scandal 25/03/2019

Even though they've both left the show, looks like the drama between Married At First Sight's Ines and Sam is far from over.

Last week, Ines left us all speechless after sharing major x-rated details about her short, and not so sweet, relationship with Sam.

After a story came out where Sam said their 'affair' was all fake, Ines went in on the ex-groom saying "Yeah. The producers made you eat my p--- for four hours hun. Yeh ok."

Since then, Sam has again denied the affair and Ines comments about him going down on her for four hours. Sam claimed they were microphoned the whole night so what Ines was saying could never have happened.

But on Insta, Ines called him out once again sharing even more x-rated details on their night together.

"Once again. This is false,” the ex-bride said. 

Warning, the rest of Ines' message is extremely innapropriate but if you'd like to read it, check it out below.

Instagram: innnnnnes