MAFS 'intruders' were never told they were coming in half way through the experiment

scandal 06/03/2019

This is week on Married At First Sight we were all surprised when the show introduced 2 brand new couples to the experiment.

But as it turns out, they had no idea they were turning up half way through the season.

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When Dan and Tamara, and Billy and Susie all turned up to the dinner party last night, they thought all of the couples were meeting for the first time.

Instead, they awkwardly found out they were 4 weeks late to the party and no one had told them.

Speaking to 9 Honey, Billy spoke about how confused he was during last night's dinner.

"I was like, ‘Why are they so excited to see us? That’s a bit full on, isn’t it? Hmm, they’re very, very welcoming people’," he said. “It didn’t click for me that this was the fourth week of the experiment … I just thought everyone had a few hours to get to know each other, so I was like, ‘Sweet. These guys are nice and familiar with each other. Cool’.”