MAFS' Ines Basic has pleaded guilty to drink driving

scandal 26/03/2019

Married At First Sight's Ines has just pleaded guilty to four charges including drink driving.

On Christmas day last year, Ines was drunk on vodka and champagne when she decided to ram her car into her sister's parked car, the court was told earlier today.

Speaking infront of everyone, Ines said "I would never drink and drive but the b.... p....d me off,". 

After pleading guilty to mid-range drink driving, driving with undue care and attention, commit public nuisance and contravene a police direction (because she decided to give the policer a fake name), Ines was sentenced to 70 hours community service and disqualified from driving for three months.

The prosecuter also told the MAFS star to 'get some perspective on life' after screaming "absolutely disgraceful" obscenities and "carrying on like an absolute idiot".