Khloe Kardashian just called out Jordyn Woods for ruining her family after red table talk

scandal 02/03/2019


It's the drama we can't get enough of, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, cheating with Kylie's bestfriend, Jordyn Woods.

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After weeks of rumours, today Jordyn Woods went on 'Red Table Talk' to share her side of the story from the night she was accused of kissing Tristan.

During the interview, Jordyn said she isn't a 'homewrecker'.

She said Tristan and Khloe weren't together at the time of the party and while she did admit to kissing him on the lips, she said she didn't sleep with him.

Again, she said she was 'drunk' during the whole thing and afterwards, she tried apologising to Khloe:

"I did as much apologizing as I could do, over the phone, over texts. And until I get the opportunity to talk face-to-face 'cause she can really feel, you know, what I'm saying. but I, I reached out and the opportunity's there. I offered as much as I could. A lie detector test, anything. Whatever makes you feel better is what I want."

But Khloe was having none of it.

Shortley after the video was released, Khloe clapped right back, called Jordyn out for lying and ruining their family.