Hailey Bieber opens up about what it's like dealing with Justin's 'obsessive' fans

scandal 25/03/2019

Hailey Bieber isn't afraid to admit it can get pretty frustrating being married to a man that has half the world wishing that they were in her shoes.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Hailey opened up about what it's been like dealing with the fame, and constant scrutiny from fans, since marrying Justin Bieber.

"The problem too is kids become possessive over people and feel like if they think they’re hurt, they feel hurt for them and they’re hurt too, or whatever it is," she said.

Hailey went on to explain that while fans get a glimpse at what's going on in their lives, they don't actually know the full story.

I’m like, you actually don’t know me. You don’t know him. You don’t know her, you don’t know these people for real. What’s really weird to me is they create scenarios in their head of what they think is happening or what they think should happen, and I’m just like, ‘This is just so dumb. It’s so dumb.’

Even though the couple tied the knot five months ago, Hailey said she's still struggling to get use to the overwhelming negative and 'mean' comments she gets on social media.

"I’ve found that I got to a place where I don’t read the comments. People can just be mean, and I feel like if you don’t want it to get to you, then don’t read it and allow it to affect your soul," she shared. 

“You still care to a certain extent. You really have to train your brain to be like, ‘OK, why do I even care?’ I don’t know these people, they don’t know me, they’re not a part of my life or relationship.”