'Game of Thrones' have announced a post-finale doco and we're getting emotional already

scandal 29/03/2019

The countdown is on: only 18 days until Game of Thrones Season 8, the FINAL season!

To make the ending of a era a little less bitter and a little more sweet, HBO have announced they they will air a two-hour Game of Thrones documentary on the 26th May, a week after the series finale. It's to be called 'Game of Throne: The Last Watch'.

The doco has been described as "Much more than a “making of” documentary, this is a funny, heartbreaking story, told with wit and intimacy, about the bittersweet pleasures of what it means to create a world — and then have to say goodbye to it."

British filmmaker Jeanie Finlay was "embedded on the set" for a year, and her documentary apparently followed the cast and crew with "unprecedented access".

Co-creators and showrunners of GOT, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss serve as executive producers of the doco too, so we'll def be getting some good ol' Game of Thrones flair thrown in.

Honestly, we don't know whether to be excited for this or not. On the one had, YAY more GOT, on the other, it means it's truly over...