After all these years, we finally know who the culprit was in the viral 'disgustin' video

trending 07/03/2019

The case is finally closed!

Right up there with 'I smell like beef', and 'freshavacado' in the vine hall of fame is the infamous 'disgustin'

If you need a re-fresher of how things went down in it, or you just want a good lol, we've got you sorted:

But after years of wondering which 'f***in one of ya's' it was, we finally have an answer.

 Webcam footage has popped up online from lil'Becky herself in 2014 admitting it was here!

In the video, she said:

It was me that done the sh*t in the toilet. Whoever thought it wasn't was me, to surprise you. Who doesn't even know how to flush the toilet after they've done a sh*t? It was me!