Why there are no same sex couples on Married at First Sight Australia

trending 05/02/2019

It’s been just over a year since same-sex marriage was officially legalised in Australia.

It's always awesome to see the LGBT community represented on TV so many viewers were curious to see if Married at First Sight Australia would include a gay couple in the mix.

After information of the participants was released, there is no indication of this happening. 

Hit.com.au asked a Channel Nine spokesperson why it didn't happen in the show this year and they said it is simply due to the number of applicants that applied.

“In light of the adoption of the same-sex marriage law last year we did go into casting for Series 6 with the hope of finding a gay couple. There weren’t a huge number of gay applicants but we interviewed quite a few individuals from around Australia.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t feel there was a good enough match and we didn’t want to include a gay couple just for the sake of appearances.”

There you have it! Hopefully next year we'll see some same-sex matches!