MAFS AU Sam says why he never contacted his bride after disappearing

scandal 13/02/2019

Sam Ball really hasn't made the best first impressions on Married At First Sight Australia.

Not only did he come under fire for fat shaming his new bride, Elizabeth, at their wedding, he also left her alone on their honeymoon after disappearing for 5 days to attend his ex-girlfriend's mother's funeral.

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In last night's episode, we saw Elizabeth struggle with having zero contact from her new hubby, even after leaving him voicemails.

In a new interview with 9Honey, Sam explained that he wasn't ignoring her on purpose.

"I missed her voicemail completely, didn’t even hear a call, and it’s a random number so I wouldn’t have had it saved.

And like I said, being in the headspace I was in I didn’t even think of contacting Elizabeth, because we’d just met, and I’d made the other family a priority and went into work mode. I completely switched off and focused on what was at hand."

Past MAFS contestant, Telv Williams, also jumped to the defense of Sam saying that the producers most likely played a big part in the lack of contact.

In a Insta story, Telv said:

"I can guarantee you that the producers would have told him he wasn’t allowed to make any contact with his wife because you’re not meant to talk to them. 

If you’re not around each other they don’t want you to talk to them when you’re not on camera. So don’t be too harsh to Sam, he’s done nothing wrong — f**k you experts!”

Whether or not it was because of the producers, Sam is definitely going to be under fire from not only Elizabeth, but the other brides at tonight's first dinner party on Three at 7.30pm.