This girl left her dress at a guys house, and his mum ended up wearing it

trending 22/02/2019

We're sure she won't be the last girl to accidentally leave clothes behind at someone's house the morning after, but we hope this particular situation doesn't happen again...

21-year-old Lillie Haines was casually seeing a guy who was living with his mum, and one morning after staying the night she happened to leave her dress there - she wore some of his sport shorts and dressing gown home. We've all been there girl.

The last thing Lillie was expecting was to discover the guys MUM wearing her dress, 2 years later.

She was having a casual look through the guys mum, Caroline's Facebook pics, as you do, when she came across a pic of Caroline posing in a very familiar black mesh dress. Lillie then posted the find on Twitter and a hilarious war ensued.

"I just had to laugh about it because I was in so much shock. It's hilarious. I just can't get my head around it. [Since posting about it] I've had so many comments from people saying it's so gross. It's embarrassing her [Caroline] commenting on it. She'll probably keep it even after all of this. It wouldn't surprise me if she puts up a photo over the weekend or whenever she next wears it," Lillie said. 

Escalating really quick, when Lillie said she didn't want the dress back, Caroline commenting saying "Well stop going on about it then you silly little b***h". 0-100 reaaaaaal quick. 

Then she tries to justify wearing the dress by saying she thought it was her friend's: "Anyway... lets get down to the nitty gritty. This was a year and a half ago, I genuinely thought it was my friends dress that she had left here and EVERYONE has moved on. THE END!!"

"We were together for a while kind of like friends with benefits. I left my dress there and wore his clothes home. I still have his stuff actually. He moved out of his mum's house and into his own flat so I thought I would just leave it and then it appeared on Facebook. I messaged him saying 'is your mum wearing my dress' and he said 'it's hers' but I told him that's definitely my dress."

Yikes, just a reminder to claim all your belongings when leaving anyone's house from now on we guess!