This Aussie dating show 'Back with the Ex' sounds amazing

trending 01/02/2019

While getting back with our ex sounds like an absolute nightmare come true, watching other people try sounds very entertaining tbh. 

Lucky for us, this Aussie reality show has us covered - 'Back with the Ex' follows four couples looking to answer one question: “what if the love of your life was also the one that got away?”

Basically the couples are put up in a fancy hotel in their own rooms complete with rose petals, a King-size bed and champagne for two. They're given three weeks to go on multiple dates and trips to Paris (obviously), to find out if their relationship is worth another go. 

To give you a taste of the drama, within the first five minutes one of the exes can't even handle the sight of her former bae and heads to the bathroom almost as soon as she sees him. We feel ya gal.

The show originally aired in NZ last year, but it isn't available online for us yet. It's been added to both Aussie and US Netflix recently though, so hopefully that means it's on it's way to us soon!

Can't wait for the drammmaaaaaaa.