The next hair colour trend is here and it's magical

trending 08/02/2019

In this day and age trends seem to come and go so quickly we can barely keep up - especially when it comes to beauty. It's hard to know which ones to pay attention to sometimes - who knows what's gonna stick around?

Usually it's a pretty safe bet though that an amazing hair colour isn't going to go out of style any time soon, and we don't think this new one is any exception. It's subtle enough for every day wear, and works with a brunette base. Perfect. 

So here we go: Chocolate Lilac locks are the latest in hair colour trends, and we're all about it. Check out some beaut examples of shades below:

Michelle Gonzalez, a hairstylist at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, New Jersey, says Chocolate Lilac is one of the easier colour trends to tackle for gals with naturally darker hair: "Chocolate lilac hair is super trendy right now for girls with brunette hair that want to do something fun in one session. It's a good colour for girls with dark hair because you don't need to lift the hair past a level seven (which still has orange and red undertones), because these purple tones are super muted, so they don't need to be deposited onto super light hair."

It's basically a lot more gentle on your hair than most colour trends that require dark hair to be bleached completely first. So less damage means extra ticks in our book!