The Naked Dinner is happening in Auckland this month!

trending 15/02/2019

Not sure what to wear to dinner? How about nothing!

Making waves on social media late last year, a dinner event held multiple successful sessions in London where the theme is literally being naked. 

Sound like a bitta you? Well you're in luck. The Naked Dinner has now made it's way to Auckland, with the first session kicking off tonight (15th February), with 3 more over the next couple months. 

Lily and Doug McMillian, the founders, say the idea behind the event is to boost self-confidence and help diners gain an understanding of platonic nudity. There's absolutely no funny business involved - it's just normal dinner party rules, except you're rocking your birthday suit. 

The dinner is held at a private home in Grey Lynn, and is $70 per ticket - which includes a drink on arrival to help you relax (your choice of cocktail, G&T or beer). You'll also be given an apron when you arrive, so you choose how much you want to show or not. Then you'll take a seat at a low-rise table where you'll enjoy a delicious meal with your fellow diners and hosts. 

It's BYO wine, cider and beer, and you're encouraged to bring more than you think you'll need, no limits here! 

The dinner itself starts off with chips and dips, followed by smoked salmon sharers. The main course is vegan-friendly, including a 'fancy pants curry', courgette and asparagus salad and a brown rice, cashew and spinach salad. Finish the meal off with a delicious vegan Snickers dessert, followed by more drinks if you fancy. 

The event is taking place on the 15th February, 23rd February, 9th March and 6th April - you can get your tickets and all the info you need here.

Well it's certainly one way to boost your body confidence! We say go for it. What've you got to lose? Except your clothes obv.