The appalling moment that was cut out of MAFS AU's Ines and Bronson's wedding

scandal 13/02/2019

As if Ines and Bronson's wedding wasn't awkward enough, apparently what we saw wasn't even the worst of it.

From immediately telling Bronson to remove his eyebrow piercing, to calling him out for being a stripper in front of all of their guests, Ines wasn't holding back her feelings.

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Most viewers couldn't deal with how horrible she came across calling her a 'nasty piece of work' while at the same time praising Bronson for trying to stay positive on their big day.

However, while speaking with 9Honey, Bronson admitted there was another conversation going on that, if he had known about it on the night, would have made him leave right then and there.

"I know (Ines’) friends were racist towards my mate, which I didn’t find out until later on," he said. "If I knew that, I would have left the wedding straight away. I know my family and friends wanted me to leave that night. They wanted me to get on a bus and leave with them and go home."

In the episode, Ines was 'disgusted' by the fact Bronson use to be a stripper but during the interview, he explained her behaviour towards him was already 'incredibly confusing' before he brought up that fact.

"I was taken aback. When she kissed me on the aisle she shoved her tongue down my throat, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was expecting a handshake," he continued.

"Then when it came to the photos she kept making comments like ‘Don’t bloody touch me,’ ‘Get your hands off me’, ‘Do I have to touch him?’ and I was weirded out. I wasn’t sure how she could go from sticking her tongue down my throat to being very rude. That was before I told her about my previous job as a stripper.”

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