That awkward best man speech on Married At First Sight Australia was actually fake after all

scandal 07/02/2019

Not even one week into the new season of MAFS AU and we've already had one of the cringiest moments of the season.

During Mick and Jessika's wedding, Broxy, the best man, gave what would have to be on of the worst wedding speeches ever.

Infront of all the guests, one of the stories told involved a trip to the hospital caused by Viagro, yeah... definitely not the time or place to be telling that.

Turns out now though, none of it was true.

One of Mick's close friends, who was also at the wedding, told the Daily Mail that the best one was just playing up to the cameras.

"[The best man] made the whole bloody thing up and now he regrets it, He’s embarrassed he got dragged into everything."

"There was no Viagra, no-one went to hospital despite what he said. He was just playing up to the cameras and trying to make people laugh."

"Unfortunately Jessika’s brother and dad were really angry about it all, and Mick was the one to bear the brunt of it."

The close friend went on to say that what we saw on TV wasn't even the worst of the speech. Apparently there was some parts of the made up story that couldn't be aired because it was just too r-rated.

“It got so much worse. It was absolutely disgusting,”