Sorry, but those DNA tests you took are mostly bs

trending 01/02/2019

You've no doubt seen them all over the web, those DNA tests that claim they can tell you exactly where your ancestors are from in very specific detail. 

Well, sorry team, but turns out they're mostly completely bs. 

Of course it's pretty exciting to find out you're one-sixteenth Armenian (that means you're basically a Kardashian right?!?), but as expected, something you order online isn't going to be very accurate. 

A new episode of CBC's Marketplace found that the accuracy of these tests is being very much misrepresented in the ads - go figure!

The host of the show, Charlie Agro, and her identical twin sister sent DNA samples to five of the top ancestory testing companies expecting they'd get the same results because, y'know, they're identical twins. 

The results were very different from company to company though, so the twins went to find an explanation for the differences from various actual scientists - geneticists and biologists. And they all said the same thing - DNA tests are basically bs. 

Any info beyond what continent your ancestors were from is basically just guessing it turns out, which isn't exactly made clear in their ads. 

It's best to view the DNA tests as "recreational science" according to CBC's sources - something fun that will give you hazy insight at best into your heritage.

So save yourself some dollars guys and just keep speculating yourself as to where you came from - and keep that hope alive that you're actually a long lost princess of Genovia.