People think MAFS stars are actors after old photos and videos emerge

MAFS AU 18/02/2019

Tbh we were just starting to think all the drama in Married at First Sight in Australia was too good to be true...and it might be. 

First, there was Ines telling Bronson to take his eyebrow piercing out as soon as she saw him, then Sam ditching Elizabeth for a funeral and THEN the WILD moment when Bronson said Ines was acting like a c**t

Now there's even more drama. People of Instagram have uncovered old photos of some of the contestants HANGING OUT TOGETHER years before the show aired!

Posted on Instagram meme page @mafsfunny, we first see Dino and Bronson hanging out in 2009, in a group setting, topless.

Clearly that's Bronson, and if you're not sure if it's Dino or not, look at the arm tattoo...

The below photo shows Dino with Jessika from 2017, which looks like it has been taken from some sort of ad.

This is worrying because it seems to reveal that they are ACTORS. As in, good at acting, as in get hired to do things for TV as in ALL THEIR MAFS STUFF MIGHT BE FAKE.

Another post on the page claims that husband and wife Ines and Bronson knew each other in 2011.

We're definitely less convinced about these ones...while the girl in the photo has dark hair tied up in a ponytail, she doesn't exactly look like Ines and it could 100% be someone else.

Another video shows a clip of Mike acting in...something...yeah, we don't know what it's about either.


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