Netflix is blessing us with a 'Kissing Booth' sequel and we're unashamedly stoked

scandal 15/02/2019

Netflix, you truly are way too good to us. Always there when we need you and constantly surprising us with amazing gifts we didn't know we needed. Is it too late to ask you to be our Valentine...?

So you know how much we love our cheesy teen romances, and Netflix has announced this week that they're making a sequel of one of our faves: 'The Kissing Booth'!

*Cue excited squealing*

The streaming giant posted this on Insta on Valentine's Day, which seems fitting:

The teaser doesn't really tell us much, but we do know that Joey King (elle), Jacob Elordi (Noah) and Joel Courtney (Lee) will all be returning to their roles. Yaaaaaas. The same director, Vince Marcello, will also be returning so hopefully it'll be equally as good!