Matt from MAFS AU describes how his mum reacted when she found out he was a virgin

MAFS AU 11/02/2019

Matt made us all fall in love with him on Married at First Sight Australia last night when he married Lauren. 

He's sweet, kind, smart and cute. And he had a secret that he ended up telling his new wife: that he was a virgin at 29-years-old.

Speaking to Australian radio station 2DayFM, Matt revealed how his mum reacted to his biggest secret when it was aired on TV.

He said that he hadn't told anyone about his "secret" - the fact that he was a virgin - including his closest friends and family.

He lives with his parents so was asked whether his mum knew about it or not, Matt replied:

She could have made an educated guess but it was definitely an awkward dinner conversation

When asked what she said when she found out, Matt said:

"My parents, my sister, they all knew that I was quite reserved and struggled with bullying and they knew I didn't get out much so it would be an educated guess"

Nawwww Matt!

Listen to the full chat below: