Ines's dad still has no idea she's on Married At First Sight Australia

scandal 12/02/2019

Last night not only were we introduced to the final two couples on MAFS AU, but we also found Australia's new number 1 villain, Ines. 

Before being matched with Bronson, Ines touched on her emotional backstory of fleeing Bosnia as a child with her parents to Australia and how that made her feel like she was robbed of a childhood.

However, at the wedding, the only family member we got to meet was her younger sister, Ena, because the rest of her family were all 'on holiday'.

However according to the Courier Mail, Ines actually never told her dad that she was going on the show or that she was getting married.

"My dad still has no idea I'm on the show," she said. And I'm not going to tell him.”

Instead of sharing the news that she was filming the show, Ines said she told her dad that she was just moving to Sydney for work.

"I'm sort of glad they weren't there. It means less pressure, and that I didn't have to listen to their comments or judgments if they didn't approve or support it."