MAFS viewers start petition to get rid of 'expert' after she calls out use of the C-Word

MAFS AU 18/02/2019

WOW, can we just unpack what went down on Married at First Sight Australia last night for a sec?

It was the commitment ceremony and blah blah we sat through the boring couples who were obviously going to be staying together and THEN we got to Bronson and Ines. And Bronson said the C-word. He just ruthlessly sat there and said it (lol).

Ines set the scene for what was obviously going to be a glorious few minutes. “I’m going into the commitment ceremony with full blown depression,” she spits.

Bronson is upset. He explains what for a week he's been trying to get close to Ines but she's been making it VERY difficult to say the least. He shares what she said about his eyebrow piercing the first time she saw him. The judges don't seem to show any sympathy.

Ines insists there's a very reasonable explanation for her statements.

"Who the f*ck has an eyebrow ring?” she explains. “I don’t want him f*cking touching me. I don’t want him in the same room as me."


Ines then politely asks if anyone would like to donate one of their husbands.

“I’m all about getting a divorce and finding a new husband.” she says.

Bronson says he's confused because there have been tiny moments where Ines seems OK. Like the night on the honeymoon they did the relationship quiz together. But out of nowhere, she flipped.

And then he says it. 

“The next morning, the hulk came out. Straight back to being a c**t,” he says.

He quickly clarifies: “I’m not calling her a c**t. I’m saying she acts like a c**t”.

And Mel the expert was not having it. 

“Bronson, when you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you?” she scolds.

“A tip from me to you? Don’t use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman,” Schilling continues.

Bronson pulls a Lizzie and says he wants to stay with Ines to "double check" and see if things can improve.

“Double check my f***** **** **** **** ***,” Ines says. (We have no idea what she said tbh). "What the f**k? You wanna stay after you called me a c**t?"

The experts don’t seem to have an issue with Ines’ language.

It turns out that Australia and NZ were not exactly impressed with the whole Mel-calling-out-Bronson-for-saying-c**t-thing.

Some viewers said it was unfair for Schilling to call out Bronson while ignoring Ines’ own behaviour.

A petition has been signed by 60,000 people, saying Schilling “displayed sexism” and calling for her to apologise or be sacked. 

Schilling has, however, defended her actions. On Talking Married, Mel sensationally hit back at her critics and insisted that it is never acceptable to call a person a 'c**t'.

Mel said she would 'absolutely' call out Bronson again if given the opportunity, because she believes using that sort of language is always 'inappropriate'. 

'If you looked around the room and saw all the brides and grooms, their reaction was the same,' Mel explained. 

'That language is inappropriate in any setting towards any person. I'm going to call that out, whether it's a man or woman.'

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