MAFS' Dino confirms he used to work Bronson

MAFS AU 22/02/2019

Friends who strip together stick together.

Earlier this week we brought you the news that a lot of people suspect that many of the cast are actors after old photos and videos emerge of the cast either hanging out or acting in TV shows. 

And now Married at First Sight Australia's Dino has confirmed to E! News that he was connected to Bronson a decade ago.

We knew each other for probably about 10 years. I had no idea he was going on the show as well, so I was quite shocked at the bucks night

"It was good in a way though because I had someone that I knew with me", Dino said.

After the show's sixth season began airing, fan photos began to circulate online that appeared to show a younger Bronson and Dino performing as strippers at various hens nights in Western Australia.

Dino revealed to E! News that the two did, in fact, spend about a year stripping together and that it was actually Bronson who introduced him to the craft.

"We went to the same gym together and one night he was like, what are you doing tonight? And I had no plans. Next thing I know I'm at a hens night," Dino told E! News. "So that opened up a whole new world. At the time, I was single and I did it for about a year. I gave it up for love when I found my ex-fiancée and decided to give that a shot. Out of all that, Bronson and I got a great friendship."

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