MAFS Expert says Ines is as mean off camera as she is on it with Bronson

scandal 20/02/2019

Married at First Sight Australia relationship expert has confessed that controversial contestant Ines Basic is "just as bad" off-screen as she is on it.

Basic has drawn a huge public backlash after a week full of insults for her husband Bronson Norrish, starting the moment she saw him at the altar and asked him to remove his eyebrow piercing.

Her criticism of him later culminated in Norrish labelling her "a c**t", in a now-infamous moment on the show.

And when asked on The Project if Basic was just as bad behind the scenes, Dr Trisha Stratford's answer was simple:


But she quickly followed that up by saying Basic wasn't a terrible person.

"I'm not gonna say bad, but that's Ines. The thing everyone says, and what she says is: 'You do you, girl!'"

Regardless of people's view of the c-word scenario, Basic has drawn an overwhelmingly negative response from MAFS fans.

But Dr Stratford says contestants like that have ensured this season of MAFS is even more outrageous than the last.

"It goes up a notch every year - we always say how can it get more outrageous? And it does!"

As for this season, Dr Stratford says it's "amazing"

"This season, all the couples are invested in each other."

Watch the full interview above.

SOURCE: Newshub's Vita Molyneux.