MAFS expert got cagey when asked if "intruders" will come into the show and WTF

MAFS AU 15/02/2019

Okay so Married at First Sight Australia is WILD and you know what would make it even crazier? Adding four random intruders into the mix.

Yep, there are rumours that some singles will be thrown into the show to cause more drama, we assume. As if there hasn't already been enough!?

Aussie radio station asked MAFS 'expert' John Aiken about whether or not the rumours were true.

"You guys do a terrible job, by the way, " The Hit Network's Matty Acton said to Aiken after he was introduced to the show as an 'expert'. 

John admitted that they may not have exactly hit the nail on the head this time around. 

And then he was asked about whether intruders would be coming on the show. He said.....

"Stay tuned"

To which the announcers said "that's a yes". Hmmmm. Surely if it was a no he would have said no!?

We cannot believe they'd do this, though!! The show put up a front that they do want the couples to stay together but then stir the pot with this!?

Women’s Day has reported on who the new singles will be, posting the below profiles:

1. Billy

“Billy is an aspiring model, actor and body-builder from Queensland, whose good looks are set to leave the brides in a spin!”

2. Susie

“The Brisbane mum-of-one is set to ruffle feathers with her hot body and love of a selfie.”

3. Daniel

“The former rugby player knows how to play a field, but nothing prepares Dan's bride for the surprise that he has a young son.”

4. Tamara

“The Melbourne-based brunette will have no issues fitting in with the existing betrothed-brides.Like Susie, Tamara enjoys bikini selfies and is fond of a luxury holiday.”

You can hear the chat with John below:

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