MAFS AU's Elizabeth claps back at Sam after their dinner party fight

scandal 14/02/2019

Instead of being on a tropical getaway for her honeymoon, Married At First Sight Australia's Elizabeth was stuck in her hotel room after her husband left for a funeral.

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Sam shared he unexpectedly had to come over to New Zealand to attend his ex-GF's mother's funeral but didn't contact Elizabeth for the full 5 days that he was gone.

In last night's episode, Sam finally returned during the group dinner and as you can imagine, the drama well and truely kicked off.

To start things off, the first thing Sam said to Elizabeth after dissapearing with no contact was "Honey, I'm home" which not only had Elizabeth rolling her eyes but also everyone at home watching.

After asking him why he ignored her voicemail, Sam played the 'I don't have your number' and the 'I don't have a voicemail' card. Elizabeth was quick to call him out saying she did leave one and then rang his number...which went straight to voicemail.

Speaking with the producers after their fight, Elizabeth said "I'm feeling really hurt, and I'm feeling really confused about the situation and honestly I feel like there's no respect toward me."

And she was not wrong about there being no respect from Sam.

Not only did he tell her to calm down saying "You're so angry. You should relax. Just breathe. No need to be angry" which is without a doubt, the worst thing to say to anyone, when Elizabeth said "do you know what I've had to go through?" he snapped back with "Would you like a drink? Oh, that's right, you don't drink."