MAFS' Ines shares the real reason she went off at Bronson on the boat

MAFS AU 15/02/2019

Ines snapped at her husband Bronson while on their honeymoon in an episode of Married at First Sight Australia and now she's revealed why.

Explaining herself on 9Life's Talking Married, she said: 'I'm not like this evil, walking monster!'

Talking abou the backlash against her on social media, she said: 'I just know what I want in life, and I guess it's too much for some people.'

Ines added that she found it 'weird' viewers were upset by her behaviour on screen.

Addressing the parasailing incident, Ines said she reacted badly because she previously had a scary experience while boating in Mexico and was 'distressed'.

I don't think Bronson was aware of the fact I had a really bad experience in Mexico when I went parasailing

'We were dropped in the middle of the ocean, so me enduring that experience on the boat with Bronson, I was in a state of panic.

'And that was quite hard for me to watch as well, seeing how distressed I was and bringing my mind back to that moment.'

Ines explained that her meltdown 'was a cry for help', but acknowledged that Bronson 'didn't deserve' to be spoken to like that. 

'The way I acted towards him, wasn't fair to him at all,' she concluded. During the boat trip, Bronson, jokingly asked the tour operator: 'So, any deaths due to parasailing?'

At that moment, Ines snapped at him, saying: 'Are you f**king serious? What sort of dumb f**king question is that? Jesus help me!'