MAFS' Ines has reportedly lost 12kgs and looks gaunt after cheating scandal

scandal 28/02/2019

Ines Basic has really had a full on time on Married At First Sight. 

Her affair is slowly being looked into by the group and both her and Sam are being questioned about what she's actually up to. It's looking like tonight's episode might just be the one where the couple's affair is finally exposed.

And the stress and backlash of what she's been up to has appeared to take its toll on her. Ines was seen looking dramatically different, with sources saying she’d lost 12kg and had become a “recluse”.

We can only imagine what kind of backlash she'd be getting from the public. 

The backlash has been so severe that Nine has disabled comments on any post relating to Ines on MAFS' official Instagram page, and the 28-year-old legal assistant has been protected from participating in any of the usual media rounds.

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