MAFS' Ines had no idea Sam cheating with her was forced

MAFS AU 21/02/2019

We've seen the beginnings of the scandalous affair between Married at First Sight's Ines and Sam.

But whispers are circulating that the couple's little affair might not be what it seems. Apparently the affair has been orchastrated by producers!

Of course a couple swap is always good for ratings so producers are said to have gone out of their way to ensure at least one switch happens this season.

"They recognised that Sam was the most handsome groom and that would make him a target for the other wives. At some point in the first couple of weeks of the experiment, they told him they would make a swap work if there was someone he liked", an insider told Woman's Day.

"They wanted to make them like Dean and Davina from the beginning. Sam played along with the plan because he knew it would be the biggest story on the show", a second source said. 

"They said, 'Look, we know you're not into Liz, why not give it a go with Ines instead and see where that could lead?' So they basically asked Sam to pretend to like her, while Ines on the other hand had no idea it was all for show. She had genuine feelings for Sam."

YIKES, this stuff is getting messy.

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