Lime Scooters are being taken off the streets in Auckland

scandal 22/02/2019

We've got some bad news for all you Limer's out there...

This afternoon , Auckland council and AT have announced that they are going to be temporarily suspending Lime's license in Auckland meaning you won't be seeing the scooters in Auckland from tomorrow.

Earlier this week, council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton said in the joint statement:

"Auckland Council has formally written to Lime twice this week to request urgent updates, for us to be able to decide on any next steps from a licensing perspective,

We have also asked Lime to provide information on the number of scooters affected, the technical issue leading to failure, its proposed solution including how it will manage pulling affected scooters off the streets, and assurance there will be no further malfunctions."

The suspension only applies to Auckland at the moment so for now, you don't need to worry if you're in Christchurch or Wellington.

The council will review the issue again next week to decide if they'll lift the suspension or if the scooters will be gone for good.

Watch the video below: