Ines' Married At First Sight audition tape has been released

scandal 27/02/2019

Ines definitely wasn't hiding her true self in her audition...

During Talking Married, Ines audtion tape was released and it's exactly like what you'd think.

During the video, Ines shes she wants a "muscly bad boy" so that when he holds her, it's "hot".

The show's producers also asked her what type of partner she is, with her admitting that she is "the annoying one" who non-stop is calling and texting her partner.

The audition tape did so an emotional side to Ines that we haven't seen on the show. Ines opened up about her dream to have kids saying:

I think I’m ready now to have children. That’s why when I see children, I’m so emotional,

Watch the full video above.