Viewers notice creepy connection between Joe from 'You' and Ted Bundy

scandal 01/02/2019

With the help of Netflix, 2019 is quickly becoming the year of the serial killer.

Two of the biggest shows on the site recently has been the new 'Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes' doco and season 1 of 'You'. 

Fans of both have been quick to pick up on a creepy connection between both Joe from 'You' and Bundy and no, it's not that they're both killers...

While watching the doco on Ted Bundy, one viewer noticed his wife, Carole Boone, 
often referred to the killer as 'bunny' which also happens to be the same nickname Joe is called in 'You' by his previous girlfriend, Candace.

On Reddit, one user spoke about the connection saying:

Joe gave me Bundy vibes as soon I started watching the show. An iconic car, messy brown hair, good looking, charming, intelligent. Maybe they purposely painted him that way, took inspo.