Daniel Radcliffe has finally said which 'Harry Potter' film is his favourite

scandal 11/02/2019

We've all got our own favourite movie when it comes to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Maybe it's 'The Philosopher's Stone' since that's where the magic started or 'The Goblet of Fire' when we first feel in love with Robert Pattinson but which is it for the choosen one?

During a video for Wired, Daniel Radcliffe answered the web's most searched questions including which was his favourite Harry Potter film.

Daniel replied "I mean I loved the last one but I also really loved the fifth which is not a lot of people's favourite". He continued saying "I love it because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius, that was my favourite one probably to film as well, we had a really really good time making it aswell." 

Later in the video, Radcliffe was also asked why he was in our very own country of New Zealand to which he replied "I was filming a film called 'Guns Akimbo, it was a crazy action movie where I have guns for hands..."