Bradley Cooper has finally talked about his girlfriend publicly

scandal 13/02/2019

So lately we've been a bit guilty of...uh...shipping Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga together. I mean, did you SEE them in A Star Is Born!? 

They're a powerhouse together and are so successful because of their chemistry together. They are also both in relationships...not with each other...but people tend to forget this.

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk keep their relationship very private. But Bradley Cooper finally talked about his girlfriend Irina Shayk after months of speculation!!

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While accepting an award at the 2019 BAFTAS, Bradley Cooper shouted out two ladies in his life. First, obviously, was Lady Gaga. The award he won was Best Original Music, which Lady Gaga was not there to accept as she was accepting a thousand awards at the Grammys. In his speech, he said, "I got to fulfill a dream I never thought would happen. I share this with Lady Gaga tonight, the music was the heartbeat of this film." Cute. 

He then went on to thank his girlfriend, Irina Shayk. At the end of his speech, Bradley said, "I also need to thank Irina for putting up with me while I was trying to make music in our basement for a year".

Eeeee. Kinda cute, right?

Lady Gaga is engaged to Christian Carino and has been since 2017 although, fans have speculated that the pair have broken up.