Andy King begged producers to remove THAT scene from the Fyre Festival doco


Fyre Festival event producer Andy King became a meme after revealing he nearly sucked D in order to convince Bahamian customs authorities to release water for the festival.

He has now said that he asked producers to cut the anecdote from the Netflix documentary prior to its release.

King told TMZ on Tuesday that he went to producers on the advice of his lawyers and creative team who advised him the clip needed to be removed.

"They said, 'Andy, you gotta pull that thing. That cannot go into this documentary,'" King said. "And when I sat with the director he said, 'Andy, you don't understand. Without that scene, there isn't a documentary.'

"I said, 'Oh, c'mon, there's no way.' And they said, 'Trust me,'" King said. "And that is an integral part, as you know, of the documentary itself."

He wasn't wrong. It's all any of us were talking about.

In the anecdote King shared with the documentary makers, he said Fyre Festival chief Billy McFarland asked him to "take one big thing for the team."

"This won't go that far, I'm sure," King had said at the start of his story.

King has seemingly embraced his newfound fame and said to TMZ:

"How have I become this social media hero over a situation like that? I'm in total shock," he said. "But I'm riding with it. It's a lot of fun."

As of now, King is booked and busy, telling TMZ he's "shooting a little movie the first week of March, working on a few different TV show concepts," and much more.