A MAFS bride has confirmed she's now seeing one of the other grooms

MAFS AU 12/02/2019

Two of the most controversial contestants from this season of Married at First Sight Australia have revealed to NW Magazine that they're in a relationship, despite being originally paired with other people.

Yep, Sam and Ines are together, OMFG 😱

“You can’t really build anything if there’s no physical attraction or mental stimulation,” the legal assistant said of her relationship with her original husband, Bronson.

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“What’s the point of staying with someone when deep down you know it’s not going to work out?”

Sam said he felt the same way in terms of his relationship with Elizabeth, saying he didn’t feel any sort of connection.

“There was no way you would want to continue this when we both obviously don’t like each other,” he told the publication.

“Liz is obviously a lovely girl and she can talk, and there are some traits there that I do like. But unfortunately, the majority of her traits I don’t like.”

After an image of the couple was posted on NW's Instagram page, Ines commented on the photo, saying “These photos came out so cute.”

Ines also told the publication that she was immediately attracted to Sam and felt instant chemistry between them.

“He’s so hot,” she said. “You definitely need that chemistry to make anything happen. Their relationship was failing and so was mine… You do enter the experiment to find love, so that’s sort of the main purpose and vision behind it.”

According to Sam, their relationship began after Ines sent him a message on Instagram. He said that it was a “sticky situation” but at the end of the day curiosity got the better of him.

"I wasn't expecting it at all. I was lucky I had seen it, because it came through in the message requests inbox. I was like, 'Here we go, what's the deal here?' And obviously the curiosity level was heightened because I didn't know her at the time," he told NW.

"Physically, Ines is more my type, but there were so many unknowns about her and I had to find out."

Ines concluded by saying that she didn’t feel bad about making the move on Sam because the whole idea of the show was to “experiment”.

"You don't want to harm another individual or cause any complications in other people's marriages but if their marriage is failing and yours is too..." she trails off.

"Well, it is an experiment – and we are here to experiment."