'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 trailer is finally here and we cannot wait

scandal 04/02/2019

Stop what you're doing. We've finally got our first look at new Handmaid's Tale and it's everything we wanted and more.

The Super Bowl has just gone down in America which means we finally get to see all of the glorious ads to come out of it (Except for the weird AF ad Game of Thrones paid for).

One of the biggest ads during the game came from The Handmaid's Tale after the dropped the latest trailer for season 3.

While we don't know when the new season will be out, the trailer ended with 'coming soon'. A few fans tried to find out when exactly 'soon' is but the show wasn't giving anything away.

Atleast while we all patiently wait, we can re-watch seasons 1-2 on Lightbox.