Tom Hanks has just recorded his final words as 'Woody' for the last time

scandal 31/01/2019

After 24 years and 4 movies, Tom Hanks is hanging up his cowboy hat for the last time and we are not emotionally ready. 

After news broke that Toy Story 4 was happening, the world got a little bit happier. 

Unfortunately, we've just got a taste of the goodbyes to come though with Tom Hanks officially wrapping up voicing for the final movie.

Posting on Twitter, Tom pulled at the heart strings saying "We rode like the wind, to infinity and beyond."

Tom's post comes only a day after the movie announced that everyone's fav Bo Peep is coming back.

been a while since we've seen Bo Peep. As fans will recall, she wasn't in Toy Story 3 (much missed btw). Her exact whereabouts weren't revealed. Woody just acknowledged the gang had "lost friends along the way" as Andy continued to grow up.