Riverdale season 3 trailer sees Veronica & Reggie embrace

trending 10/01/2019

Riverdale season 3 is returning soon and by the look of the latest trailer, we're in for a whole lot more exciting drama.

Jughead gets a gun pulled to his head, Cheryl gets super serious with Betty... But perhaps the most intriguing moment of the trailer is when Reggie appears to make a move on Veronica. It sure seems a bit quick after her breakup with Archie last season.

Meanwhile Archie is still seen wondering alone in the wildernesess. Oh the suspense!

Here's what Lili Reinhart had to say when she posted the trailer to her Instagram account:

Boy, have we got a show for you 👀

There's a lot to unpack from this trailer. Must be time to start binge watching the final episodes from last season - just to refresh your memory...

Earlier last week KJ Apa & Cole Sprouse were taking a break in Queenstown before taking on Central Otago via helicopter to take in some stunning South Island scenery.

Cole wasn't afraid to take on KJ at mechanical bull riding in Queenstown: