People are trolling ASOS after discovering their Facebook bot keeps offering refunds

trending 11/01/2019

If you've ever been frustrated with brands that blatantly use Facebook bots to deal with their customers - this will crack you up...

ASOS is so guilty of this and now people have cracked the code.

It all started when Chloe complained about their customer service:

It was then that Amelia cracked the code - discovering that the words "refund" and "response" triggered ASOS to automatically reply:

From there more people started to take the piss - with some people even asking for refunds on orders that don't even exist:

Apparently they're even willing to help out with orders from Iconic:

You get a refund, you get a refund, you all get a refund!

Maybe one day they'll actually click and employ a human to handle complaints...