Kiwi singer makes headlines worldwide after getting Harry Styles tattooed on her face

scandal 29/01/2019

Kiwi-born singer Kelsy Karter has gone next level with her love for Harry Styles.

The 26-year-old got a tattoo of Harry Styles on her cheek, calling it a birthday gift for the singer who turns 25 on Friday. 

Now, we don't know if she actually knows Harry or not but she is hell-bent on making him notice her.

She's so obsessed with Harry that she just released a song entitled, "Harry."  

Lyrics in the chorus include "Harry, I'm gonna make you love me".

Kelsy got the ink work done in L.A. over the weekend and posted the results with the caption, "Mama, look what I made me do." An L.A. artist named Romeo Lacoste did the tattooing supposedly.

So, this stinks of a publicity stunt tbh. We're not sure yet if the tattoo is actually legit or not. The tattoo artist has been reached for comment by media.

But all weirdness aside, the song is kinda catchy af and she has a great voice! 😂