Bo Peep is back and badass af in Toy Story 4's new teaser

scandal 30/01/2019

Omg Bo Peep is back and we're living for it. 

Disney have released a new teaser for Toy Story 4. In addition to starring Woody and Buzz, it showcased the sheriff's leading lady, who just so happened to be rocking a new look.

Yep, this gal has traded in her pink and white dress for a bright blue jumpsuit and purple cape!

It's been a while since we've seen Bo Peep. As fans will recall, she wasn't in Toy Story 3 (much missed btw). Her exact whereabouts weren't revealed. Woody just acknowledged the gang had "lost friends along the way" as Andy continued to grow up. 

So, how does she rejoin the crew? Well, the last time fans saw Woody, Buzz and the gang they had found a new home with Bonnie, who was given the toys just before Andy left for college. Now, they have a few new friends, including a craft-project-turned-toy named Forky. Even though he insists he's just a piece of "trash," Forky is taught to embrace being a toy with a little help from Tom Hanks' character. However, things take a turn when Bonnie takes her toys on a road trip, and Woody ends up taking an unexpected detour. Through unlikely circumstances, he reunites with Bo but learns she's not the same toy he once knew. After years of living on her own, Bo has developed an adventurous spirit and lives her life on the open road.