A 'Baby Shark' TV show is coming to Netflix this year

scandal 25/01/2019

Just when we thought we'd finally seen the last of Baby Shark, we find out about this...

If there's one thing we'll always remember 2018 for, it's Baby Shark. After being viewed over 2.2 billion times on YouTube, countless parodies (including one of our own from Bay Dreams), and getting stuck in everyones head forever, it definitely was the biggest song of the year.

Instead of becoming a distant memory like most viral trends, Baby Shark is set to get even bigger in 2019 after announcing it's coming to Netflix.

Pinkfong, the team being Baby Shark, are working on a series of Baby Shark videos, aswell as a cartoon series for the site.

Reportedly, the series will be out on Netflix this March but we're not sure if that release date will also be the same for us all here in New Zealand.