Kourtney Kardashian recommends Kiwi-made product for Xmas


Wooden swings for toddlers made in a small town near Taumarunui have been named as a favourite by Kourtney Kardashian. 

The eldest Kardashian sister featured Solvej swings, made in the township of Matiere, on her Christmas wishlist, posted on her personal blog and Instagram page.

Solvej, pronounced sool-vay, is a 25-year-old business that makes Scandinavian-style wooden swings for children. It is named after Solvej Mortimer, the daughter of founders Thomas Mortimer and Jenny Etherington.

And now the head of marketing Solvej Mortimer said the makers had never watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians and had no idea how the swings caught the celebrity's eye.

"A couple of years ago, she bought two swings from us online. At the time we had no clue how she found us, maybe through a friend or just the internet. It's still a mystery to us," Mortimer said.

"An email from her personal assistant said Kourtney absolutely loves the swings and wants a bunch to give away to friends this year.

"We've been hoping to get a photo of one of her kids using it on TV but we don't actually have a TV."

Mortimer said since Kardashian's blog post, traffic to Solvej's website grew 10-fold and stockists of the swings in the US had placed re-orders faster than normal.

Solvej Mortimer in the first Solvej swing built by her dad

"Being a Swedish cabinetmaker he couldn't bear putting his kid in a plastic swing, that felt a bit blasphemous, and he couldn't find any other on the market and made that for me."

Solvej swings retail for $220,  and Mortimer said even with Kardashian boosting traffic, the company had no plans to increase the price.


"We know they are a high-end product, we don't want to increase the cost any further. We build them to last a really long time, too."