Fitness queen Kayla Itsines reveals she's 5 months pregnant!

scandal 21/12/2018

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines is going to have a little workout buddy. The Bikini Body Guide founder announced that she is 20 weeks pregnant and expecting her first child in May.

In an Instagram video set to Lukas Graham’s song “Love Someone,” Itsines, 27, and her fiancé, Tobi Pearce, are smiling as they look at an ultrasound of their baby.

“Tobi and I do not even have words to describe how happy and excited we are to bring this news!” the Australian trainer gushed in her lengthy caption. Itsines praised Pearce, 26, for being the perfect partner. “He comes home every day, hugs and kisses my stomach,” she wrote. “He lays on my legs and asks the baby how its day was. He is at every scan and every appointment. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

The social media star stated that she will be posting a new workout vid today.

“I’ve been active my whole pregnancy and I DO have a bump so just be prepared for that,” she said. “It’s going to be so different for you ladies to see a different body than you have been used to seeing since 2013… but I’m so excited to share this with you.”

Of her workouts, Kayla says "I've cut out jumping now. I'm also modifying a lot of the exercises, which I'll be posting on my Instagram, just to show how I'm working out. I think that's the first thing women want to know is how I'm changing the workouts because BBG is not recommended for pregnancy, as there is a lot of high-intensity jumping and things like box jumps that I will not do."

The future parents, who got engaged in April, will soon learn the sex of their baby. She thinks it’s a boy, he thinks it’s a girl. 

“We don’t know what it is yet, but Tobi’s names are all very boss names,” she told E! “And mine are very pretty names.” 

When asked how she kept posting videos without revealing her pregnancy, Kayla said to E! News: "When I found out I was pregnant, I filmed a bunch of videos. I was actually really bloated and I was like, Oh is this my baby bump? The doctor was like no no, I think you're just bloated and it's hormones. So, I just wore a T-shirt and then I mixed those videos with old videos from 2016, just because I wanted to give my body time and my family time to celebrate. And then I did the big announcement at 20 weeks."