Your partner is the most difficult person to buy presents for according to study

trending 30/11/2018

We don't know about you, but Christmas shopping kinda gives us anxiety. What if you can't find the perfect gift? What if someone else buys them the same thing? What if they hate it and never talk to you again? *Shivers*

But apparently the person we find it hardest to buy for is actually our partner. According to a study by ipostparcels of 2000 adults, we spend almost 3 hours searching the shops for something for our significant other - an hour and a half longer than we take to choose for our bestie!

Gemma Conroy, ecommerce manager for ipostparcels, said "Our research has highlighted how thoughtful and dedicated people are to their present buying. We know how important it is to find the perfect gift for those special people in our lives, and nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a present which they absolutely love."

The study found adults are most worried about impressing their partner, which is probably why they take the longest to choose for them, followed by their kids and their mum.

Here's a list of the average time it took for the people in the study to choose presents for different people in their lives:

  • Partner – 2hrs 57mins
  • Children – 2hrs 44mins 
  • Mum – 1hr 47mins 
  • Dad – 1hr 28mins 
  • Best friend – 1hr 13mins 
  • Sister – 1hr 12mins 
  • In-laws – 1hr 3mins 
  • Brother – 58mins
  • Niece – 58mins 
  • Nephew – 58mins 
  • Grandma – 49mins 
  • Grandad – 45mins
  • Godchildren – 42mins 
  • Aunt – 40mins 
  • Cousin – 40mins
  • Children’s friend – 39mins 
  • Uncle – 35mins
  • Godparent – 34mins
  • Boss – 32mins 

The research also looked at people's reactions to the gifts they were given, and found children are the most honest and likely to show discontent if they don't like the gift.

Just over 30% of people said they could tell straight away if someone didn't like their gift, and 30% also believe they have a good 'fake enthusiasm' face when they open a present they don't like - OMG I LOOOOVE ITTTTTT. 

And the warm fuzzies - 62% of people said they feel happy when they give a gift, and 14% siding with us saying they feel anxious. 

No pressure guys, happy shopping!