You can rent a 'Social Media Sitter' to look after your Instagram while you're on holiday

trending 04/12/2018

While most of don't need a sitter, for everyone who puts more effort into their insta more than their job, this is exactly what you need.

The Swiss chain of Ibis Hotels, is now offering the unique opportunity to have someone take over your social media accounts so you can not only take a holiday from work, but also your Insta.

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The 'Sitter', who is guaranteed to be an Instagram influencer, will post up beautiful photos from around where you're staying, take Instagram Stories and even reply to comments on your behalf. This is all so you can actually relax and enjoy the moment rather than trying to get the perfect gram the whole time you're away

Called "Relax, We Post" is a free service for guests staying at Ibis hotels in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland which, considering Influencers get paid thousands for their posts (or millions for Kylie Jenner), seems like a pretty good deal to us.

While a 'Social Media Sitter' sounds like we've already hit peak 2019, we're actually secretly loving this idea.