Why McDonald's Coca-Cola tastes better than regular Coca-Cola

trending 03/12/2018

It's something we've always wondered...how come Coca-Cola at McDonald's tastes so much better than when you buy it at the supermarket? We mean, they're the exact same thing.

Well we finally know why and no, it's not all just in your head.

On their website, McDonald's answered the question ""Why does the Coca-Cola taste so good at McDonald's?" and apparently it comes down to 3 different reasons.

1. McDonald's have their Coca-Cola syrup delivered in stainless steel containers unlike others which have theirs delivered in plastic bags. The stainless steel help preserve ingredients, making the soda taste fresher.

2. McDonald's said they've spent alot of money on their filtration systems so that the water is fresh and clean when it mixes with the syrup. The same water also goes through an insulated tube to keep it cold.

3. The water isn't the only thing kept cold. They also pre-chill their syrup so it's fresh AF.

So there you go, if you're craving a good drink of Coca-Cola, just head to Maccas!