This woman's being called out for her 'insane' list of rules for husband

trending 15/11/2018

It's no surprise most couples have a list of rules for one another. Usually, they're things like 'you're not allowed to watch the next episode without me' or 'if someone cooks, the other one has to do the dishes' but these rules are next level...

Earlier this week, a woman called 'Rosiee' posted in the Facebook group 'Get It Off Your Chest'. She was 'rewriting' her list of rules for her husband and things back fired when she asked for people's feedback.

Rosiee posted her 10 rules which included 'no female friends', 'no social media' and doesn't invite himself along to social events with her.

She went on to say he's only allowed single friends, he's only allowed to drink '2 times a year or less' but must 'not get drunk.

As you can imagine, people had some strong opinions about her list of 'insane rules'. One user said 'You should just get a dog' with another saying 'I don't think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.'