This app lets you cut your ex out of pics and it is everything

trending 16/11/2018

Break-ups are bad enough as it is, nevermind the added despair of not being able to use any nice pics from during the relationship. You still look good, why should you have to delete the pic just because your ex has been deleted from your life?

Never fear new singletons, Krome has your back - the app lets you delete your ex, or any unwanted individual, from your pics. 

The downside is it's not free... you upload your pics to the app, pay around $9 per edit, and within 24 hours your pics will be returned, ex-free. I guess that's the price you have to pay for those otherwise unusable 'grams!

Krome apparently use AI technology alongside a team of professional photo editors for a super quick turnaround time. 

So say L8RZ to the ex as easy as that, and get your otherwise perfect Insta back on track. Krome, you are angels.