These are the best beaches in the world for 2018

trending 30/11/2018

The world's best beaches have been named by travel website Flight Network, with Greece's Shipwreck Beach coming out on top.

As Newshub's Dan Luke writes, The website says it used the knowledge of over 600 travel experts and bloggers to create the list of 100 beaches.

Flight Network calls it "the most comprehensive and definitive list of the best beaches on the planet ever assembled".

Sadly, no New Zealand beaches made the list, but here's the top five:

Shipwreck Beach

Flight Network's number one beach is located in Zakynthos, Greece. It's located in a secluded cove surrounded by towering golden cliffs and it's isolation is said to add to its beauty. Shipwreck Beach is only accessible by boat and, as the name suggests, it's also home to an old shipwreck - the MV Panagiotis. 

Getting there from New Zealand: 
It takes at least two stops to get to Mykonos. Using Flight Network's search function, the cheapest way to get there is flying Auckland-Bali-Dubai-Athens-Mikonos. That’s a total travel time of 55 hours - so plan some stopovers.

Whitehaven Beach

The second beach on the list is a lot closer to Aotearoa - just across the ditch in Australia. Located on Whitsunday Island in Queensland, it can only be accessed by helicopter or seaplane. It bathes in temperatures over 27 degrees and the draw of the white sands and deep green forests are said to make it absolutely stunning.

Getting there from New Zealand: 
Whitehaven Beach is by far the closest to New Zealand on the list - just jump on a flight to Cairns from one of the main centres. Once there just jump on a boat, helicopter or seaplane to get to the Whitsunday Islands.

Hidden Beach

Given the name of this beach, I feel like it would almost be a crime to reveal its location. But, due to its remote location, you'd have to be prepared for a lot of planes and boats to get there. Located in El Nido ('beach' in Spanish), this luxurious beach with stunning views and crystal clear water is located on an island in the south of the Philippines.

Getting there from New Zealand:
The best option would be to fly to Taipei on Air New Zealand, then take a Cebu Pacific flight to Manila. That will take 31 hours, and then jump on an Air Swift chartered flight for the final leg.

Praia do Sancho

Hidden away on the small island of Fernando de Noronha, just over an hour off the coast of Brazil, lies this beauty. It's consistently ranked one of the world's best beaches and was TripAdvisor's number one for several years. Keep in mind it's located in a national park, so there will be a cost to enter.

Getting there from New Zealand: 
Fly from Auckland to Santiago, then connect to Sao Paulo and then on to Recife. So far this will have taken you 37 hours. Then take a local flight or ferry to the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Tulum Beach

Our fifth and final stop on our journey of Flight Network's best beaches in the world takes us to Quintana Roo in Mexico. Telum Beach has been described as an 'idyllic and serene getaway' with white sands and blue water as far as the eye can see. Once you're done at the beach, there's also a strip of bohemian-esque restaurants and hotels to enjoy.

Getting there from New Zealand: 

Fly from Auckland to Cancun via Houston, Texas. Once you’ve finished your 34 hour flight, there are van shuttles and rental cars available to get you to Tulum. The drive is about 90 minutes.

SOURCE: Newshub.